What is this?

Paywall.tips is a blog about subscription-based mobile applications. This is niche content about app monetization. Paywall reviews (marked with đź’ˇ), subscription updates from Apple, tips to improve onboarding.

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Who is it for?

Mobile app owners, PMs, marketers, developers.

Who is the author?

Nikita Maidanov, an expert in mobile subscriptions.

I started as an iOS developer, then worked as a Head of Mobile and organized the largest community of iOS developers.

Later, I moved into product management, ran a health & fitness startup app for 5 years in the role of CPO, managing a team of 30 people. Being responsible for monetization of the app, I quickly learned the importance of the first user experience. I ran dozens of tests, increased metrics by a factor of 8, and launched the app profitably in multiple markets, growing to $2M+ ARR.

Later, I worked at B2B SaaS Adapty, where I helped developers of over 3000 apps improve monetization.

This is how I specialized in onboarding and paywalls for subscription-based apps. Now I write content and help other developers improve their metrics.

Check out my LinkedIn, twitter and telegram channel.