💡 Flighty – Apple Design Award winner

💰$50K+ App for frequent flyers. Very interesting paywall design!


💡Horizontal scroll for products: yearly, weekly, lifetime. No trials.

💡Family plans are hidden, shown after tap on “Show family plans”. The plans are Annual Family and Lifetime Family, both 40-50% more expensive.

💡Top carousel swipes automatically, images demonstrate how the app utilizes Apple features such as LiveActivities or Widgets.

💡Scroll down to see social proof and features. For social proof, Flighty shares Apple featuring, reviews and rating. Features presented as flight safety card, nice!

🚀 What I would improve: The paywall looks great, but feels lacking in focus and direction. 5 offers is too many for one paywall, it’s hard to compare it and I’d rather swipe through features than offers. Also, the purchase button is not pinned and not repeated at the bottom of the screen, but there is a “Back to plans” button.