💡 Gas – see who likes you

A social app for American high school students where they compliment each other and try to guess who likes them.

More than 10 million installs, $6 million in revenue. Discord recently acquired the company. One could study for a long time how they achieved such viral growth. But we'll look at monetization :)

📱Nikita Maidanov

The app makes heavy use of the curiosity gap: the paywall opens with a "see who likes you" button, and the subscription lets you know who likes you. There is also no trial. The curiosity gap leads to high enough intent so users subscribe immediately.

💡 What I would improve:

The guides no longer require legal text on the paywall, so you can safely remove it.

📱Nikita Maidanov

Bonus: check out how they use Custom Product Pages to personalize the invite flow. Everyone sees their own set of screenshots with personalization of likes and genders.