💡 Halide Camera


Camera app with in-depth settings and RAW capture.

📱Nikita Maidanov

💡Interesting onboarding in the form of a camera manual book. Good example of how onboarding can be done creatively with app specifics.

💡Hard paywall: no way to close or skip.

💡The price per month is written larger than the real subscription price per year. This is a violation of the guideline.

💡Selling lifetime at 6 times the price of a year's subscription.

🚀 What would I improve on:

Would have gone beyond the tutorial book, I would have shown an interactive "setup" of the camera, so educating the user and explaining the app's features. In addition to fixes to the breaking guides, I'd put a video on the paywall with a screencast of the app and examples of nice shots.