💡 OpenAI ChatGPT

OpenAI just released the official ChatGPT iOS app. Let’s compare its paywall to one of the largest competitor (or copycat) app: Chat with Ask AI (💰$2M+).

📱Nikita Maidanov

💡OpenAI ChatGPT app has a simple and clean paywall with focus on features. There are no upsells in the app. The paywall can be opened from settings.

💡Chat with Ask AI has a classic trial reminder approach with a timeline. There are no feature explanations, and the paywall is shown after short onboarding.

💡OpenAI ChatGPT has one offer: a monthly subscription for $19.99, no trial.

💡Chat with Ask AI offers a weekly subscription for $4.99 with 3 day trial and lifetime access for $39.99. Lifetime is interesting; that probably means user retention is so low that API costs are negligible.

Who has a better monetization strategy?