What’s new in paywalls from Apple WWDC 24

Last year Apple presented a big change to StoreKit 2 with introduction of SubscriptionStoreView – a ready-to-use SwiftUI paywall. It comes with a number of default styles and automatically does a lot of busywork for developers: fetch products, show prices, makes purchases, etc. You can read more in last year post: Paywall.tips – What's new in subscriptions from WWDC 23

This year Apple made a huge leap in customization of SubscriptionStoreView.

Tab view for multiple groups


If you declare two subscription groups, the subscription store view automatically creates a tab view, allowing users to switch between the groups. You can also customize images/texts based on currently selected group.

Compact Picker


There's new control style for product picker – compact picker. You can also pin compact picker to the bottom of the screen. This is a fantastic change that allows to build paywalls focused on features rather than on plan selection.

Paged picker


Another new control style: paged picker and prominent paged picker. Horizontal control with paged selection of products. I saw several products using very similar design with pages.

More products sheet


We can now show more products with a button that will open bottom sheet with more products. A nice way to hide some plans that you still want to have as options. Duolingo uses similar approach to show more plans.

Custom controls


And if those options are not enough you can even create completely custom products and purchase button view. All the benefits of SubscriptionStoreView are still here: products will fetch automatically, with correct prices, statuses, etc.

Overall I would say this is a fantastic update to SubscriptionStoreView. I can see this being used in real apps and have a good conversion rate, even with default control styles.